Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bike Racks NYC

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NYC Bike Racks and Tenant Storage Lockers. Upper Eastside NYC

 Due to the great success of NYC Bike lanes. Bike use has exploded. Creating the need for more bike storage. One of Gale's Industrials specialties is reconfiguring or creating new bike rooms. If you would like a free onsite bike room layout. Give us a call.
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bike Room Makeover NYC

The success of NYC Bike Lanes has created overflowing bike rooms throughout NYC. Gale's (Est. 1938) has installed thousands of bike racks in the city. Our specialty is reconfiguring bike rooms to allow for all bikes to fit comfortably. While remaining in code. Gale's also have created bike storage in buildings out of previously under utilized space within COOP, CONDO, Apartment Buildings and Commercial Buildings. Allowing the bike owners to have a safe secure space to place their bikes.
 Need more space in your existing bike room ? Or considering where or how to create a bike rrom? Call Gale's today. We offer free onsite layout assistance to create the space you need for all bikes. Our space planner will create a layout that will provide creative, safe, secure solutions to your buildings need. Within code.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Latest must haves: Bike Racks

Good article in Crains regarding Bike Racks NYC.

For assistance designing a bike room or adding bikes to your existing bike room Call Gale's for your free onsite layout and guide.
Jack McDonald
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Bike Racks NYC

Gale's is excited about two bike rack installations scheduled for installation this month. One Upper East Side building is scheduled to have their existing bike room reconfigured. The bike room currently holds over 125 bikes. Gale's has created a design that will increase their bike capacity by 40% in a comfortable layout within code.
The other project is on West 92nd. this project is also a reconfirgure. Virtually doubling their existing bike capacity.
Need Bike Racks for a new or existing bike room. Call Gale's today. We'll be happy to help you design a bike room or reconfigure your existing bike room to allow for more bikes.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Prospect Park - 1 Grand Army Plaza Bike Room

Gale's (Est 1938) recently installed 98 wall mounted vertical bike hangers at on Prospect Park, located at 1 Grand Army Plaza. . The Richard Meier firm designed a beautiful building with many great amenities. Procida Construction contacted Gale's regarding the bike room and the large amount of bikes that needed to be stored. Gale's provided and installed wall mount bike hangers that allow maximum storage. With each bike being stored just 12" apart. The bike room is located right off the main lobby allowing for easy access and storage in a well designed building.
Gale's offers free onsite layouts to help you maximize your space, cost effectively.
Contact today for immediate assistance.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

NY Palace Hotels Bike Storage Area Designed and Installed by Gale's

Recently Gale's was called by the NY Palace Hotel, a long term customer of Gale's. they needed a storage area enclosed with security fence to secure employee bikes in. Within days Gale's installed the security cage and Bike Racks. Gale's Bike Racks and Security Cages come with a Lifetime Written Warranty. Gale's Tech Guys are available for Free onsite layout assistance to help you maximize your space and complete the project cost effectively.
Call or write today for immediate assistance.
Jack McDonald
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back Room Storage Solutions

Storage is always a challenge for buildings and business in NYC. Gale's (Est. 1938) offers cost effective, space saving storage solutions. Intermetro's qwik track allows you to store 30-40% more of your inventory in the same space ! By using rolling shelving by the nations leading manufacture you eliminate fixed aisles. Creating more shelf space without expanding, moving or expensive construction. Contact Gale's today for your free quote, layout and space analysis. We'll help you create space and save money.
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