Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Red Hook Brooklyn Co-op gets a Bike Room Makeover

Before Picture Brooklyn Co-op 
Before Picture Brooklyn Bike Room
                                                After Picture - Brooklyn Bike Room
Red Hook Brooklyn Bike Room after pic
If you could zoom in on Dan's face in the top left picture, You would see the wrinkles instantly appearing on his forehead. Dan's one of our Bike Room Techs from Brooklyn, Dan's good, we send him first to take a look at existing bike rooms, Mostly in large or mid size co-op or apartment buildings to review what the bike rooms look like and what can be done to get the bike room User Friendly and within code. When Dan walked in over 100 bikes were on the floor or on top of one another.  His initial thought was fuggetaboutit. Then he went to work creating a layout that will be easy to use for young and old. It was decided that the traditional floor racks would not be the solution. Instead it was recommended that the building convert to Gale's #1888 Wall Mount Bike Brackets. The layout and quote was reviewed and work began the following week. 7 of the 9 floor mount bike racks were removed, 2 bike racks stayed on site just for children's bikes. Gale's Bike Room Install Techs than installed 75 wall mount bike brackets.  By doing so 80% of the floor space became clear of bikes. Gale's also provided our Bike Room Control Charts that allows management to see if each  bike is in the assigned spot, And if a bike is on the floor they can I'D the bike user and put the bike into it designated bike position.
The Bike Room also Generates Maintenance Free IncomeTo offset other rising costs the buildings management charges a small rental fee for Bike Storage, Like most NYC Residential building do today.  The payback (R.O.I.) was under 4 months. Generating a maintenance free income for the building of $12,000.00 per year.
The minimal fee helps keep unused bikes out of the room.
 It also creates a new space for a regular bike user who may be on the waiting list.
Gale's (est. 1938) provides free on site layouts, Lifetime Warranties. contact us today for immediate assistance.

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