Saturday, September 29, 2012

Guide to Space Efficient Indoor Bike Storage for NYC Buildings 2013

Dean St Brooklyn Efficient Bike Storage
NYC Indoor bike storage is getting challenging, Biking has never been more popular and bike storage space is lacking in most buildings. I think everyone would like to have floor type bike racks, Reality is they take up to much space and do not provide enough bike storage. Wall Mount Bike Storage is the most efficient way to store bikes. Each bike can be stored just 12 inches apart by alternating the heights of the brackets. This prevents the bikes handlebars from touching each other.
 Hanging a bike has been found to be user friendly by all, Either lift your bike 2-6 inches, Or roll the bike directly up the wall under the bracket, The lift the bike to the hook.
 typically a 9 bike floor rack takes up 12ft. (84SF of floor space) Wall mounting  9 bikes only requires 9ft of wall space and keeps the entire center of the room clear.
 Gales (est. 1938) provides free on site layouts, to help you maximize your bike room. In most cases we can increase your bike storage capacity by up to 50%.
  Gales #1888 Wall Mount Bike Brackets comes with a lifetime warranty. Our installations also have a lifetime warranty, Creating a maintenance free bike room. 
 Please contact us for immediate assistance.
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