Friday, April 27, 2012

NYC Bike Room Space Planner doubles Bike Room Capacity with New Bike Rack Design

Bike Room Storage has become challenging in NYC, Bike Lanes, Gas Prices and Fitness have helped create havoc in most buildings in NYC. No longer can someone buy bike racks to resolve issue. Faced with overcrowded bike rooms and waiting lists. Developers, Property Managers and Coop & Condo boards have turned to Gale's Bike Room Planners to create a bike room or to reconfigure the bike room to double the bike rooms capacity. Gale's Industrial's (est. 1938) provides complimentary bike room layouts to assist our customers with space planning, code compliance and user friendly bike rooms.
Today Bike Rooms are a great Amenity and or Income Generator to help offset rising building costs. Typically the return on investment is within months. Gale's provides bike room rental rates based on neighboring buildings to help management set reasonable rental rates.
 Our Bike Room space planner can design a bike room to meet your buildings needs or reconfigure the existing bike room to double the amount of bikes stored, All within code and user friendly.
Gale's has installed thousands of bike racks in NYC, Our turnkey bike room makeover service will eliminate waiting lists and help the building sell or rent apartments.
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