Tuesday, August 23, 2011

West 76th Street NYC gets new Bike Racks from Gale's Industrial Supply

A well managed building on West 76th St in Manhattan has just had a new Laundry Room installed and Bike Room. The bike room originally was able to store approx 43 bikes. After reconfirguring the layout 61 bikes are now able to fit in the bike room comfortably and within code. Gale's (est. 1938) was able to demonstrate that wall mount bike storage is the most efficient way to store bikes in buildings. By going with wall mount bike brackets. The bike room is now able to hold 32% more bikes. The brackets come with a 6' long vinyl coated locking cable that allows each bike to be securely locked in place. In addition the Gale's layout design allows each bike to be comfortably spaced just 12" apart. Back with a written lifetime warranty, The building will see generations of longterm maintenance free use. Need your bike room reconfigured to allow for additional bikes. Or need assistance laying out a bike room. contact Gale's today, We will provide our free onsite space analysis to help you create the bike room needed. Cost effectively. Gale's Industrial Supply (917)727-6208 GalesIndustrial@Gmail.com