Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Bike Racks & Tenant Storage Lockers being installed in Whitestone Queens

Gale's started a very large residential project in Whitestone, Queens today. The
 Co-op board called our office asking for help with thier bike rooms and tenant storage areas. Each building wanted to clean up their bike rooms and hopefully be able to add more bikes to the storage room. Gale's visited all 6 bike and tenant storage areas, Reconfigured all bike rooms to allow for 40% more bikes in each room.
 Each Tenant Storage Rooms currently has 42 units, By reconfiguring the layout, Gale's will be able to increase the number of tenant storage cages in all 6 buildings by 23%.
 Each Bike Room and Tenant Storage area will have thier floors & walls patched, repaired and painted by the Gale's Install crews, prior to installing the new bike racks and tenant storage cages.
 Gale's (est. 1938) provides free onsite layouts, Lifetime Warranties. and bike room & tenant storage Control Charts to help management & residents keep the rooms organized and neat.
 Call today for immediate assistance.
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