Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bike Racks Hells Kitchen NYC

Not exactly the bike racks type the Mayor had in mind, But creative. Gale's (est.1938) provides bike room storage solutions for residential and commercial building for NYC and the metro area. We cannot provide the bike rack picture above, But we can provide racks that will provide the storage you need cost effectively. Take advantage of our free onsite layout to help you create a bike room that will maiximize the space, user friendly and within code. If you have an existing bike room and need more space for bikes, Gale's can reconfigure your bike room to increase storage by up to 50%. Contact us today for immediate assistance Gale's Industrial Supply (732)489-3867

Friday, September 16, 2011

NYC Bike Storage in Buildings Generate Income

Bike Lanes in Manhattan have created crowded bike rooms and waiting lists in Residential and Commercial buildings. Bike rooms need to maintain code and flow for ease of use by bike owners. When the width of the bike room doesn't allow for floor bike racks, their are still good solutions. Horizontal rack, 2 tier allow you to use the length of the room to store bikes flat against the wall. Vertical bike racks that allow bike to be hung on the wall still offer the most room with bikes being hung every 12". Gale's (Est. 1938) provides free onsite layouts to help you create an efficient layout, cost effectively, within code. Need to fit more bikes in your bike room? contact Gale's, We can provide layouts to reconfigure your bike room to increase storage up to 40-50%, Within code and user friendly. Eliminating waiting lists to store bikes and increasing revenues through bike room rental space. Gale's also will provide you with helpful information on managing bike rooms and rental rates for bike storage based on your zip code. Gale's backs all products and installations with our Lifetime Written Warranty. Contact Gale's today for immediate assistance. Gale's Industrial Supply (732)489-3867

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYC BIKE STORAGE. HOW TO DESIGN BIKE STORAGE ROOMS IN NYC: Gale's announces "Lease-Purchase" Bike Rooms & Tenant Storage Lockers

NYC BIKE STORAGE. HOW TO DESIGN BIKE STORAGE ROOMS IN NYC: Gale's announces "Lease-Purchase" Bike Rooms & Tenant Storage Lockers

Gale's announces "Lease-Purchase" Bike Rooms & Tenant Storage Lockers

Gale's offers a one dollar lease purchase option (which is treated as a purchase)a ten percent option; and Fair Market Value option (often treated as deductible expense payments). The best for you can be determined after a brief conversation. We encourage your accountant to call us. Custom format requests are readily accomplished. Standard terms are from 2 to 5 years. At the end of the lease, Pay $1 dollar and the equipment is yours. A choice of programs for your best tax advantage. 100% financing. Purchase Options set at One Dollar or Ten Percent Fast, simple application 100% tax deductible plans Lowest effective rates Fixed monthly payments Preservation of your cash and bank lines. Pay for equipment as it produces income. Contact Jack McDonald of Gale's for Immediate assistance (732)489-3867