Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Bike Rack Design doubles Bike Room Capacity on West 76th St NYC

Wall Mount Bike Storage West 76th St NYC by Gale's (917)727-6208
Wall mount bike brackets enabled a UWS Coop to double their bike room capacity. By swapping out their floor mount bike racks and old hook style bike hooks the board was able to double the amount of bikes in the bike room.
 Most buildings old and new have very little space available for bike storage. Gale's Industrial Bike Brackets enable each bike to be stored just 12" apart. Each bike bracket comes with a vinyl coated cable to loop around the bike to lock it up.
 Gale's (est 1938) has installed 100's of redesigned bike rooms throughout the 5 boro's. back with a lifetime written warranty and low cost.  Our #1888 Bike Brackets have become a Bike Room Favorite.
The bike brackets are very easy to use, Gale's also offers free assistance with ADA and code guidelines when setting up or reconfiguring your bike room.
 Gale's also provides free on site layout assistance to help you reconfigure your buildings bike room to double capacity or create a new bike room. Contact Gale's today for immediate assistance.
Jack McDonald
Gale's Industrial Supply