Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to fit the most bikes in the smallest space| Bike Racks | Charles St NYC 10014

West Village Coop on Charles St NYC went from being able
to store 5 bikes in their building to 30 bikes with Gales
#1888 Wall Mount Bike Brackets.

Even in the winter Coop Board and Property Managers are looking for creative solutions to add more bike storage to their buildings. Recently a Board President contacted Gales regarding our Bike Racks. The building is over 100 years old. Bike Lanes and Bike Rooms were not a consideration. The Board considered allowing bikes to be stored in the back garden area. However residents wanted protection from the outdoors.
 Gales Bike Tech who lives on West 12th went over and reviewed the building needs. Floor bike racks had been placed in the wash room.  Allowing for just 5 bikes. Our Bike Tech notice a room filled with chairs, couches and cabinets from days gone by. It was suggested that the old furniture be donated to create space for Bikes.
 Our Bike Tech returned with a drawing, and sample bike bracket to install for all to try out. The design created allowed for 30 bikes to be stored in a neat, space efficient layout. The wall mount bike bracket sample was tried by all. They loved its User Friendly design that requires no lifting like other bike brackets. The bike is either rolled up the wall or rolled up on one wheel and placed on the bike bracket effortlessly.
 Each Gales Bike Bracket comes with a 5 foot long, Cushioned wire cable that can be looped around the bike for users to lock the bike up with. Each bike space was numbered and assigned. The property manager was giving a Bike Control Chart to help manage the bike room. Gales Bike brackets come with our industry exclusive Lifetime Warranty on the Bike Bracket and Installation. Making the bike room a Maintenance Free Bike Room, With space available for 20 more bikes.
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