Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bike Racks, Red Hook, Williamsburg and Harlem

Busy Friday for the Gale's Bike Room Tech's, Installing 94 bike racks in 3 locations Friday, Red Hook, Williamsburg and Harlem. All 3 have existing crowded bike rooms. Gale's (est. 1938) has reconfigured all 3 to increase their bike storage capacity by 50 percent in each building. When finished each will be user friendly and within code. The building will also be able to generate additional income from the increased bike storage rentals. Need to increase your bike storage space or create a bike room in your building? Call Gale's today. We'll provide a free onsite layout to help you create a good layout for all bikes. We also provide our guide on bike room management, to help keep the room neat and in order. Gale's Industrial Supply (917)727-6208