Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New NYC Elevator Anti Slip Floors, Stops Falls in their Tracks 2011

NYC thousands of Elevator floors can now be covered with the highest rated Anti Slip Floor covers.  Our New Fibreglass Molded Elevator Flooring has Industrial Diamond Grit that provide maximum protection. Our flooring can easily be put over existing elevator floors or ramps. and is available in numerous colors.  Gale's provides the same product in sheets, step covers, hand rails and ladders used by the USCG and Oil Rigs offshore to prevent slippery steps, ramps, elevator floors, walkways, Showers Kitchen Areas, ladders and hand rail covers.

Fibreglass Elevator Floors & Step Covers with Industrial Diamond grit is the product used for the harshest environments. And eliminates the high cost of constant replacement with its long wear life. Using this technology in NYC buildings is a sure way to prevent injuries and liablilties. Reducing constant maintenance cost to zero.
  Most slips on steps occur at the leading edge of a step, especially when the metal, wood or concrete surface becomes worn and the edge rounded. Water, ice, dust, dirt, grease or oil on the stairs further accentuates the problem, making for a dangerous condition with the stair nosing.
Please contact Gale's Industrial Supply Immediately. Gale's will provide on site samples, Take measurements and provide "test samples if needed".

Jack McDonald
Gale's Industrial Supply
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