Monday, January 14, 2013

West Village NYC 10014 Co-op Doubles Existing Bike Room capacity

Co-op Bike Room at West 4th St NYC 10014

A Residential Co-op building on the corner of West 4th St and West 12th recently redid their bike room. The previous layout enabled residents to store 32 bikes, Most in floor mount bike racks. The challenge was they needed to allow space for another 19 bikes that were currently being stored in apartments or in the hallway.
 The Board called Gales Industrial. Gales (Est. 1938) provides Bike Storage Systems along with Tenant Storage Lockers throughout the 5 boroughs. Gales suggested the board go with all Wall Mount Bike Brackets. This style is easy to use, and allows for bikes to be stored just 1 foot apart. Out Bike Tech provided a layout that increased the bike storage in the same room up to 60 bikes.
 A month later the bike project was approved and installed. Currently 55 bikes are in the redesigned bike room. The floor is now totally clear.
 Gales Wall Mount Bike Brackets are made locally and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Contact us today for our complimentary Bike Room Layout.
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