Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wall Mount Bike Racks | 2016 Bike Storage Solutions

Wall Mount Bike Racks NYC. New Bike Storage Solutions for 2016 now in stock. We have improved on our first generation of wall mount bike brackets. We listened to our nationwide customers and installation crews and wanted to improve on the great success we've had. We have increased the size of our bike brackets from 8" high to 13" high so the entire bike wheel sit in our bike bracket back plate, We have added bike guide rails on each side of the bike bracket to keep the wheel straight, prevent movement or slipping. Added a non slip cushion grip around hook bar. Rated for indoor or outdoor use, Works well with any size bike tire. Built to last, All welded with a powder coat finish and cushion coated security cable that can be wrapped around the bike frame, both tires and secured with the bike owners lock. Our Bike Room designers provide complimentary on site layouts to help with designing a new space saving, User friendly bike room or to assist with a bike room design that will increase your existing bike rooms storage space by up to 50%. Call or email us now for immediate assistance. P(732)489-3867 or email

Wall Mount Bike Brackets, All welded comes with security cable.
Space Saving, Designed to allow bikes to be stored just 12" apart.
Rated for heavy duty use. Lifetime Warranty. Free nationwide shipping,
Free bike room layouts. #4888. P(732)489-3867

For 2016 we have also added to our inventory a No Lift Bike Bike Bracket. Just tip the bike onto the back wheel an roll the bike onto our steady rack no lift bracket. Also available with a locking cable. As shown below.

No Lifting Steady Racks. Just wheel the bike onto the
bike bracket and its set. Now available with locking
security cable. #4888. Free Bike Room Layouts, Free shipping,
Professional Installations. P(732)489-3867

Wall Mount Bike Brackets Brooklyn. New Bike Room Being built
in a residential building on Bergen St.
Wall Mount Bike Racks have become the most popular way to store bikes in NYC. With over 11000 installations in the 5 boroughs we have seen the urgent need to create space efficient bike rooms or reconfigure existing bike rooms to increase Bike Room capacity.
 Our Bike room Bikenicians get it. We bike, live and work in the city. We want our bike rooms neat, User friendly and space efficient. Our crews travel throughout all the boroughs providing complimentary on-site layouts. We understand bike users concerns and managements. Our goal is to create a room that becomes maintenance free, Easy to use.
Contact us today for immediate assistance. P(732)489-3867 or email us .
Wall Mount Bike Racks New York City, Wall Mount Bike Brackets NYC. Free daily deliveries and installations in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, New Jersey

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wall Mount Bike Brackets Brooklyn | Space Saving Bike Racks in Brooklyn

Wall Mount Bike Brackets in Brooklyn. Bike Rooms in residential buildings in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan are filling up fast. Property managers, Board members and Landlords are looking for solutions to increase bike room capacity while maintaining a user friendly bike room. Bike Rooms attract new residents and help keep current residents when they are well managed. #1888 wall mount bike brackets have help hundreds of building create a user friendly bike room. Our wall mount bike bracket design also allows residents to increase existing bike room capacity up to 50%, #1888 Wall mount bike brackets allow bikes to be spaced just 12" apart, By alternating the heights the handlebars will not touch other bikes. Manufactured with all welded steel and a power coat finish. Each bike bracket has a 5ft long cushion coated security cable, That can be wrapped around the bike frame, Both Rims and secured with the bike owners lock.
Wall Mount Bike Brackets Hope St Brooklyn. Allows bikes to be stored just 12" apart. Free on site layouts, Professionally installed. Lifetime warranty P(732)489-3867  
If your walls are gypsum we suggest adding plywood supports behind the bike brackets for secure anchoring. Our install teams will be happy to stop by to help you determine if plywood supports are needed as shown below.
Wall Mount Bike Brackets Brooklyn. Free onsite layouts. P(732)489-3867
Contact us today for immediate assistance. Our Bike Team Provides free onsite layouts, Professional installations, Lifetime Warranties all at the lowest overall cost. P(732)489-3867 or email .

Wall Mount Bike Brackets Brooklyn, Wall Mount Bike Racks Brooklyn NY.