Monday, April 30, 2012

Jersey City Condo Building turn Basement into Amenity with New Bike Room

                                                             Bike Racks Jersey City
Bike Room Grove St Jersey City NJ
Just as Bike Lanes arrive on Grove St, a Jersey City Condo Board has converted their underutilized basement into a bike room. Last month Gale's Industrial received a call from the board president. The board wanted to have a bike room set up, But were concerned they had more bikes than space. Gale's Bike Room Space Planner visited the building. 29 people had expressed interest in storing bikes. Space has been a challenge. With traditional floor bike racks the room could fit only 18 bikes. Gale's Bike Tech suggested the board go with wall mount bike brackets which would allow for 36 bikes to be stored within code and user friendly. Gale's Wall brackets are made of heavy duty steel construction. Each bracket has a 6' long vinyl coated 1/2" cable that allows bike owners to lock the bike up with.
 The Bike room was painted and completed Friday. Gale's provided the building manager with control charts and guidance on how to assign and manage the bike room.  Gale's Industrial of NJ has converted hundreds of Bike Rooms in the NYC Metro area, Back with a Lifetime Warranty and Low overall cost. The bike room becomes an attractive amenity.
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