Monday, September 13, 2010

The Latest must haves: Bike Racks

Good article in Crains regarding Bike Racks NYC.

For assistance designing a bike room or adding bikes to your existing bike room Call Gale's for your free onsite layout and guide.
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Bike Racks NYC

Gale's is excited about two bike rack installations scheduled for installation this month. One Upper East Side building is scheduled to have their existing bike room reconfigured. The bike room currently holds over 125 bikes. Gale's has created a design that will increase their bike capacity by 40% in a comfortable layout within code.
The other project is on West 92nd. this project is also a reconfirgure. Virtually doubling their existing bike capacity.
Need Bike Racks for a new or existing bike room. Call Gale's today. We'll be happy to help you design a bike room or reconfigure your existing bike room to allow for more bikes.