Friday, October 21, 2011

Upper East Side COOP creates an Income Generator with Bike Room Storage

Recently a Property Manager for a large UES CO-Op contacted Gale's. their bike room currently holds 41 bikes, And has a waiting list for another 30. Bike rooms are now considered an attractice incentive to potental buyers. In addition bike rooms have become income generators for most NYC buildings by renting the bike space. Gale's sent their tech in to access the room. It was determined that if the building switched from floor mount bike racks to wall mount bike brackets they could increase the bike room storage to 84 bikes. In a easy to use, Within code layout. Gale's helped the building sell their old racks, offsetting the purchase of new bike brackets, Enabling the building to purchase the new bike brackets for much less. Gale's (est. 1938) has installed thousands of bike racks throughout the 5 boro's. Back with our free lifetime warranty. The bike room becomes a profit center all residents are happy to have. Gale's provides free onsite layouts, Bike Room Management Control Systems and code compliance suggestions. Contact Gale's today for immediate assistance. Gale's Industrial Supply (917)727-6208

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYC Buildings Create Bicycle Storage for Commercial & Residential Tenants

Today's NY Post has a good article by Lois Weiss about commercial buildings providing bike storage in buildings throughout NYC. Commercial and Residential building have the same challenge to create more space for additional bike that bike lanes has created. Many building have waiting lists for the bike room. Old style bike racks quickly fill up the bike room. today's urgent need is to maximize the space, Be user friendly and within code. The best solution is wall mount bike brackets. They allow each bike to be stored just 12" apart. Doubling the space in existing bike rooms. If bikes are stored more than 12"apart the room will be inefficient in the long run. The good news is wall mount is less expensive, Has a lifetime warranty and comes with a 6' long vinyl coated cable for each bike owner to lock the bike up with. Bike Room Management is essential. Gale's provides bike room control charts and number plates. This allows management to assign spots for all and keep the floor clear. Many building now charge a rental for storage averaging $9. per month, This keeps the room in order, And also helps create income for other expenses. Typically the investment in wall mount storage pays for itself in 4 months. Earning income for the building thereafter. Gale's (est. 1938) provides on site layouts to help you create a bike room or reconfigure your existing bike room to add up to 40-40% more bikes. Gale's is the only Nationwide source to provide Lifetime Warranties. Contact Gale's today for immediate assistance. Gale's Industrial Supply 917 727-6208

Thursday, October 13, 2011

NYC Bike Racks or Tire Racks, How not to lock your bike. 7th Ave & West 30th St NYC

Sadly the owner of this bike tire learned the hardway on how to lock up bikes on NYC Racks Gale's Bike Storage Tips: