Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wall Mount Bike Brackets - Space Efficient - 250LB Capacity - Lifetime Warranty

Wall Mount Bike Brackets continue to be the most popular choice for Bike Rooms in Residential and Commercial Buildings. Designed to allow each bike to be stored just 12 inches apart in a user friendly design. Gales #1888 Wall Mount Bike Bracket increase bike storage by up to 50% compared to floor bike racks. Structurally manufactured to hold bikes up to 250LBS. Each Gales Bike bracket comes with our Vinyl Coated Anti Theft Cable, That can be looped around the bike and padlocked with the bike owners lock. Gales All Welded Bike Bracket is the only Bike Bracket with a Lifetime Warranty. Since 1938 we have yet to have one returned. Our Customers Love them.
Gales #1888 Wall Mount Bike Brackets installed in NYC. Free Onsite Layouts, Lifetime Warranty
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Gales Industrial founded in 1938 provides complimentary layouts to help you design a space efficient bike room. If Your existing bike room is packed with bikes, Gales can help. We will provide a complimentary layout to increase your existing bike storage by up to 50%.
 Gales #1888 Wall Mount Bike Brackets can be found installed in over 100 NYC Residential and Commercial Buildings. With customers ordering our Bike Brackets from Japan, Canada, Portland Oregon, Minnesota, Florida, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Tennessee, Virginia and New Jersey.
Gales #1888 Wall Mount Bike Bracket
with 5ft Long Vinyl Coated Anti-Theft Cable
that is looped around the bike and locked.
Lifetime Warranty !
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Wall Mount Bike Brackets installed at San Francisco, Oakland CA, San Diego, Portland Oregon, Japan, Virginia, Miami, Virginia, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Chicago, Brooklyn, Queens NY, Bronx NY, Harlem, Upper Eastside NYC, West Village NYC, Tribeca, Times Square, Chelsea NYC, Union Square, Lower Eastside NYC, Wall Street NYC, Upper Westside NYC, Murray Hill NYC, Empire State Building, Meatmarket NYC, Jersey City, Hoboken and Newark NJ.