Monday, November 26, 2012

Bike Racks now available in 4 Colors

#1888 Gales Wall Mount Bike Brackets with Locking Cable
#1888 Wall Mount Bike Bracket Have a Lifetime Warranty
Gales wall Mount Bike Brackets are now available in 4 colors, The success of our bracket for indoor bike room storage has enabled us to add additional colors, Blue, Green, Red and Black. Other colors are now also available for slightly more.
 Gales Bike Racks have now surpassed 4000 installations. Our space saving Wall Mount Bike Brackets allow for each bike to be stored just 12 inches apart. By alternating the heights of the brackets it prevents a clear space so each bike keeps a good distance from the bike on either side.
 Gales (est. 1938) provides on site complimentary layouts to help you layout a space efficient bike room or to reconfigure your existing bike room to allow for up to 50% more bikes.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Purchasing tips for NYC Property Managers on Bike Racks or Wall Mounted Bike Bracket


Selecting the correct Bike Racks or Bike Brackets for Residential & Commercial Bike Room Storage requires doing some homework. You want to Buy the products that will provide decades of use without hassles.
 Quality and price varies greatly. Ironically lower quality bike brackets and racks are often more expensive than better quality products, Manufacturers are spending more on marketing than quality of product and it shows greatly in their warranty. Gales (est. 1938) is the only company that provides Lifetime Warranties on Our Wall Mounted Bike Brackets and Bike Brackets. Other Manufacturers and Dealers have a 1 year warranty and no warranty on our labor.
 Gales Industrial Bike Storage Division provides solid solutions for Property Managers, Board Members, Developers and Facility Managers. Our Bike Room Techs provide complimentary on site layouts to help you maximize your space. Our Bike Techs often are called to reconfigure bike rooms to allow for more bikes to be stored. Typically we can redesign a bike room to increase bike storage by 50%. All within Building codes, Creating user friendly bike rooms. Our bike room control guide helps the building maintain a clutter free room. Gales prides itself in providing the highest quality products at the lowest overall costs. If your building is considering renting bike space, We will provide you with rental information of what neighboring buildings charge. Gales Bike Room Solutions generate good income, Quick return on investment, Totally maintenance free. We strongly recommend that you ask to see samples or neighboring bike rooms the company has installed.
Gale will install a Wall Mount Bike Bracket or Bike Bracket for all to test prior to purchasing. Gales has over 4000 wall mount bike brackets installed in NYC, Harlem, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and NJ. Our Wall Mount Bike Brackets are also installed in LA, Portland Oregon, Chicago, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Washington DC.
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Jack McDonald
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