Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to design an space efficient NYC Bike Room 2013

Bike Rooms reconfigured to add more bikes since Bike Lanes created.

Bike Rooms seem to be a popular top in Board meetings of Coop Buildings in NYC, Evolving from the pre bike lane days to today Bike Rooms in the past consisted of a few floor bike racks or hanging bike - meat hook style that allowed the bike to swing freely annoying neighbors and taking up space.
 today Bike Rooms are a valued amenity and generate revenue for the building. The most efficient way to store bike is by wall mounting bikes. The New Bike Brackets design permit bikes to be stored just 12 inches apart, By alternating the heights of the brackets. Handlebars avoid touching the neighbors bike. Gales with over 4000 NYC installations continues to learn how to perfect the ideal bike room. Several considerations need to be made for each bike room. Number of Bikes, Wall conditions, Code Compliance and  Aisle Space.
 Wall Mount Bike Brackets allow bike owners to hang their bike on the wall, Then lock it up with a 5ft long vinyl coated cable that is looped around the bike and padlock. The key to selecting Bike Brackets is to ask to see the specifications and hopefully a sample. Seek a Lifetime Warranty for Commercial and or Residential use. All Welded Bike Brackets are rated to hold 250lbs. The back plate is 1/4 inch thick. The bike rail and support bar are 1/2 inch. The locking cable needs to have a anti pry cable clamp. 1/2 inch thick wire rope cable is recommended for the bike bracket. Wire rope cable tends to spread rather than be cut like aircraft cable. If someone enters the bike room with bolt cutters he will have have a hard time cutting wire rope cable.
 Typically in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Harlem, Bike Room Rentals average $10.00 per bike. Payback on the investment (ROI) is within 5 months. A bike room with 100 bikes would generate $12,000 per year in maintenance free income.
 Gales (Est. 1938) provides complimentary bike room layouts. If your existing bike room is filled, Gales will provide a complimentary bike room redesign so the existing room can accommodate up to 50% more bikes in a user friendly, code compliant design.
 When setting up the bike room, Gales provides a bike room management control chart that allow the Super and or Property Manager to assign bike spaces while maintaining a tidy bike room.  Feel free to contact Gales today for immediate assistance.
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