Monday, April 30, 2012

Jersey City Condo Building turn Basement into Amenity with New Bike Room

                                                             Bike Racks Jersey City
Bike Room Grove St Jersey City NJ
Just as Bike Lanes arrive on Grove St, a Jersey City Condo Board has converted their underutilized basement into a bike room. Last month Gale's Industrial received a call from the board president. The board wanted to have a bike room set up, But were concerned they had more bikes than space. Gale's Bike Room Space Planner visited the building. 29 people had expressed interest in storing bikes. Space has been a challenge. With traditional floor bike racks the room could fit only 18 bikes. Gale's Bike Tech suggested the board go with wall mount bike brackets which would allow for 36 bikes to be stored within code and user friendly. Gale's Wall brackets are made of heavy duty steel construction. Each bracket has a 6' long vinyl coated 1/2" cable that allows bike owners to lock the bike up with.
 The Bike room was painted and completed Friday. Gale's provided the building manager with control charts and guidance on how to assign and manage the bike room.  Gale's Industrial of NJ has converted hundreds of Bike Rooms in the NYC Metro area, Back with a Lifetime Warranty and Low overall cost. The bike room becomes an attractive amenity.
Need to create a bike room or reconfigure your existing bike room? Contact Gale's Industrial today for immediate assistance.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bike Racks for NYC Residential & Commercial Buildings in Long Island City NY 11101

Gale's short video has our Bike Rack installation Video's from Manhattan, Long Island City, Harlem, Bronx and Astoria Bike Racks for NYC Coop's.
 Gale's (Est. 1938) provides free on site layouts to help you maximize your space and save money. If you would like a bike room layout or reconfigure your existing bike room to add up to 50% more bikes within building code and user friendly. contact Gale's today. Gale's Bike Room Space Planners live and work Locally in Long Island City, Astoria and two in Manhattan. Contact us today for immediate assistance.
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Bike Racks Long Island City, Harlem, Brooklyn, Bronx, Upper Eastside 10065, NJ, Westchester, Staten Island.
NYC Neighborhood Bike Racks: Tribeca, Soho, West Village 10014, Times Square, East Village, Financial District, Battery Park, Morningside Heights, Murray Hill, Union Square 10003, Hell's Kitchen, Clinton 10036, Midtown 10019, Midtown West 10019, Chelsea 10010 10011, Greenwich Village 10012, Meatpacking District, East Harlem NY,

Friday, April 27, 2012

NYC Bike Room Space Planner doubles Bike Room Capacity with New Bike Rack Design

Bike Room Storage has become challenging in NYC, Bike Lanes, Gas Prices and Fitness have helped create havoc in most buildings in NYC. No longer can someone buy bike racks to resolve issue. Faced with overcrowded bike rooms and waiting lists. Developers, Property Managers and Coop & Condo boards have turned to Gale's Bike Room Planners to create a bike room or to reconfigure the bike room to double the bike rooms capacity. Gale's Industrial's (est. 1938) provides complimentary bike room layouts to assist our customers with space planning, code compliance and user friendly bike rooms.
Today Bike Rooms are a great Amenity and or Income Generator to help offset rising building costs. Typically the return on investment is within months. Gale's provides bike room rental rates based on neighboring buildings to help management set reasonable rental rates.
 Our Bike Room space planner can design a bike room to meet your buildings needs or reconfigure the existing bike room to double the amount of bikes stored, All within code and user friendly.
Gale's has installed thousands of bike racks in NYC, Our turnkey bike room makeover service will eliminate waiting lists and help the building sell or rent apartments.
Contact us for immediate assistance.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bike Rack Staging helps NYC Developers & Real Estate Pro's sell Coops & Condo's

NYC Bike Room Staging for Coops & Condo developers & RE Professionals

NYC Developers & Real Estate Brokers now have a great new way to market their residential buildings with Bike Room Staging. Gale's (est. 1938) provides at a minimal cost Bike Room Staging that will turn any dark basement into a selling amenity. Gale's has turned 100's of under utilized basements into attractive amenities in NYC, Harlem, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens NY.
Our Bike Room Specialists are even available for your open house to explain the features and benefits available.
Gale's (est, 1938) also provides free on site layouts, Code compliance assistance and Lifetime Warranties.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Bike Rack Design doubles Bike Room Capacity on West 76th St NYC

Wall Mount Bike Storage West 76th St NYC by Gale's (917)727-6208
Wall mount bike brackets enabled a UWS Coop to double their bike room capacity. By swapping out their floor mount bike racks and old hook style bike hooks the board was able to double the amount of bikes in the bike room.
 Most buildings old and new have very little space available for bike storage. Gale's Industrial Bike Brackets enable each bike to be stored just 12" apart. Each bike bracket comes with a vinyl coated cable to loop around the bike to lock it up.
 Gale's (est 1938) has installed 100's of redesigned bike rooms throughout the 5 boro's. back with a lifetime written warranty and low cost.  Our #1888 Bike Brackets have become a Bike Room Favorite.
The bike brackets are very easy to use, Gale's also offers free assistance with ADA and code guidelines when setting up or reconfiguring your bike room.
 Gale's also provides free on site layout assistance to help you reconfigure your buildings bike room to double capacity or create a new bike room. Contact Gale's today for immediate assistance.
Jack McDonald
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

NYC's New Bike Rack Design ideal for Small Bike Rooms in Coops

Bike Room Brooklyn
Gale's Wall Mount Bike Brackets are Ideal for Bike Room Storage. Each bike can be stored just 12" apart. Wall mount bike rooms offer double the space of floor bike racks and cost much less. Gale's (est. 1938) provides free on site layout assistance to help you maximize space, Stay within code and keep the cost down. Backed with Gale's lifetime written warranty our bike brackets have become a Brooklyn Favorite. Please feel free to contact Gale's today for immediate assistance.
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