Tuesday, August 23, 2011

West 76th Street NYC gets new Bike Racks from Gale's Industrial Supply

A well managed building on West 76th St in Manhattan has just had a new Laundry Room installed and Bike Room. The bike room originally was able to store approx 43 bikes. After reconfirguring the layout 61 bikes are now able to fit in the bike room comfortably and within code. Gale's (est. 1938) was able to demonstrate that wall mount bike storage is the most efficient way to store bikes in buildings. By going with wall mount bike brackets. The bike room is now able to hold 32% more bikes. The brackets come with a 6' long vinyl coated locking cable that allows each bike to be securely locked in place. In addition the Gale's layout design allows each bike to be comfortably spaced just 12" apart. Back with a written lifetime warranty, The building will see generations of longterm maintenance free use. Need your bike room reconfigured to allow for additional bikes. Or need assistance laying out a bike room. contact Gale's today, We will provide our free onsite space analysis to help you create the bike room needed. Cost effectively. Gale's Industrial Supply (917)727-6208 GalesIndustrial@Gmail.com

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Efficient Bike Storage for Trains, Subways, Busses and Ferries

Gale's Industrial (est. 1938) provides wall mount bike storage for the transit industry. Bikes on trains can now be stored efficiently with Wall Mount Brackets that securely hang each bike just 12" apart. Saving needed space. The bike are easily mounted on the hooks, Secured and Locked into place. Each Bike Bracket #1888 is all welded and comes with a 6' Long Vinyl Coated cable to lock the bike up with the owners own lock. For additional information contact Gale's Industrial Supply Jack McDonald (732)264-2000 x 300 GalesIndustrial@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wall Mount Vertical Bike Hangers Double Bike Room Capacity and Generate income for NYC Residential & Commercial Buildings

Wall Mount Bike Hangers have many advantages. Secure, easy to use, allows the bike to be stored on the wall, Keeping the floor clear. Bike can be locked onto the bike bracket with the users chain or with our vinyl coated locking cable. Gale's (est. 1938) also provides free onsite bike room layouts to help you maximize your space comfortably, within code. We also we help you reconfigure your bike room if its overcrowded and you need to add more bikes to the room. Many times we can reconfigure your bike room to add up to 50% more bikes and keep the floor clear. Contact us today for immediate assistance. Gale's Industrial Supply (917)727-6208 Project Photo's: http://www.flickr.com/photos/galesindustrialsupply/sets/72157619908567761/

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Indoor Bike Racks East 51st St NYC

The Last two weeks of August will be busy for the Gale's Bike Rack installers with bike rooms being setup on East 51st Street and East 71st St in Manhattan, Gale's wall mount bike brackets save space and keep the floors clear. Gale's bike hangers allow each bike to be hung just 12" apart. Need assistance laying out a new bike room or reconfiguring your existing bike room to allow more bikes? contact Gales today. Lifetime Warranty's. Gale's Industrial Supply (917)727-6208

Gale's Bike Brackets installed at 68 Richardson St Brooklyn

This week Gale's installed 20 bike brackets in a well maintained building in Brooklyn. Bike adding wall hung bike brackets. Bikes no longer have to be placed on the floor. Keeping the area clear and the bikes secure. Gale's (est. 1938) has installed thousands of bike racks throughout NYC, Our products come with a Lifetime Warranty. Need a bike room layout or is your existing bike room to crowded? Call Gale's we provide free onsite layouts to help you create a user friendly bike room within code or reconfigure your existing bike room to increase bike capacity by up to 50% and within code. Gale's Industrial Supply (917)727-6208

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bike Racks, Red Hook, Williamsburg and Harlem

Busy Friday for the Gale's Bike Room Tech's, Installing 94 bike racks in 3 locations Friday, Red Hook, Williamsburg and Harlem. All 3 have existing crowded bike rooms. Gale's (est. 1938) has reconfigured all 3 to increase their bike storage capacity by 50 percent in each building. When finished each will be user friendly and within code. The building will also be able to generate additional income from the increased bike storage rentals. Need to increase your bike storage space or create a bike room in your building? Call Gale's today. We'll provide a free onsite layout to help you create a good layout for all bikes. We also provide our guide on bike room management, to help keep the room neat and in order. Gale's Industrial Supply (917)727-6208