Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gales Bike Bracket doubles Bike Room Storage Space in NYC

Nice article published yesterday in Bike Lane Living about Gales Wall Mount Bike Brackets. Our Bike Tech Guys have had great success in NYC, Brooklyn, Harlem, Bronx Queens and the Bronx creating Bike Rooms in Residential & Commercial Buildings. Gales #1888 is the only Bike Bracket sold with a Lifetime Warranty on both our Bike Bracket and our Installations.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bike Lanes creating Havoc in NYC Residential & Commercial Buildings

Bike Lanes has created the need for change in NYC Residential & Commercial Buildings. Faced with the need for additional bike space
Co-op Boards, Property Managers and Developers have discovered Gales Wall Mount Bike Brackets eliminate crowded bike rooms. Enabling the bike room to double the amount of bikes currently stored by removing the floor bike racks and using Gales complimentary Bike Room layout service to reconfigure the bike room. Quickly waiting lists for bike storage is eliminated. The user friendly design creates a easy to use bike room within code compliance and is maintenance free backed with Gales exclusive Lifetime Warranty.
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 Over 4000 Gales Vertical Wall Mounted Bike Brackets are now installed in NYC, Miami, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Norfolk Va, Minneapolis, New Jersey, San Diego, Orlando Fl,  Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston. Atlanta Georgia, El Paso and Dallas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Should Your NYC Residential or Commercial Building charge for Bike Storage?

Gales #1888 Wall Mount Bike Brackets with Locking Cable

Bike Rooms in our NYC Metro area have now become a necessity rather than a amenity.
 Many buildings in NYC already had a bike room prior to the Bike Lane era. Since then the need for more bike space has exploded. Older bike rooms are overcrowded and many with waiting lists.
 Gales (est. 1938) have reconfigured or created hundreds of bike rooms throughout the 5 boroughs & NJ. Gales Bike Techs have provided bike room layouts to many buildings so they can increase their bike storage by up to 50%. Traditional floor bike racks are still in use, However they take up most of the room quickly. Wall mounted bike storage provides double the amount of bikes in the room. Creating a easy to use bike room. that can be managed and maintained with minimal oversight.
 Gales #1888 Wall Mount Bike Bracket permits bikes to be stored just 1 foot apart. The #1888 is the only Bike Storage product backed with a Lifetime Warranty for Residential and Commercial use.
 Bike rooms can be easily renovated to create more bike storage or created to provide the ideal bike room for all to use.
 The key to installing Wall Mount Bike Brackets is the anchoring. Gales Bike Techs back every installation with a lifetime warranty. Providing a Lifetime Warranty on our bracket and install requires quality bike brackets and knowledgeable bike room techs. One of the first issues to address is the type of wall the bikes will be stored on. If the walls are Sheetrock We recommend installing plywood on the wall where the bike brackets will be installed. Normally a 10 inch high x 2 inch plywood run will do a great job. Secure the plywood to the wall. The install the bike brackets on the plywood with 3/8 x 2 Lag Screws. Prior to installing the bike racks. You may want to paint the bike room and floors. It will make your Bike Room look great. Then paint the plywood backing for the bike brackets, Then install the brackets.
 Install the brackets 1 foot apart. Install the first bracket 66 inches from the floor. Install the next bracket 76 inches from this floor. Continue alternating the heights as you go. This will prevent the handlebars from touching each other. After installing the bike brackets, Install number plates on each bracket so the space can be designated for a specific user.
 Renting out Bike Storage Space: In today's economic times many building rent out bike storage space in their buildings to offset other cost. Others provide the bike storage as a free amenity.  The advantages of renting is the bike owners tend to remove bikes as their children grow older. and replace then with larger bikes. The rental fee tends to insure unused bikes are removed. The other major advantage to renting out bike space is even with a minimal charge. The bike room generates income for the building. Gales Bike Racks even though they have a lifetime warranty, They are inexpensive. Typically the return on the investment is within 4-6 months. the bike room then generates a maintenance revenue monthly. Gales Bike Room Techs provides each building with a complimentary guide on how much other buildings charge in your neighborhood as a guide on rental. rates.
 Gales is here to help, We can provide complimentary layout assistance on site or over the phone. Either way you will be off to a great start. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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