Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bike Rack Storage Solutions for Co-ops NYC, How to Generate Revenues and Create Amenities

Bike Rack Storage Solutions for Astoria, Long Island City, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Harlem
Gales (est. 1938) provides free on site layouts to help you design a new bike room or reconfigure your existing bike room to allow for more bikes.  Not sure how if Gales Bike Bracket will work? Email us, We will install one no charge for all to try out.
Each Gales Bike Bracket has a Vinyl Coated Cable to loop around the bike and lock it up with.
Gales Bike Brackets have a Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
Many Bike Rooms In Astoria, Brooklyn and Long Island City have become packed with bikes since the creation of our bike lanes. Gales can reconfigure your existing bike room so that you can fit more bikes, Clear the floors and have a User Friendly Bike Room. Contact us today for your free onsite Bike Room Layout.
                      Gales has over 4000 Bike Racks installed in Co-ops - See our project Photos
Gales Wall Mount Bike Storage can Double the amount of Bikes now stored in your bike area.
Call us today for immediate assistance. (732)489-3867
Have questions about creating a Bike Room for Amenity or Generating Revenue by Renting Bike Space in Your Building? Call us for free phone or onsite assistance (732)489-3867

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