Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Use Your Wall Mount Bike Brackets Video

Gales #1888 Wall Mount Bike Brackets are User Friendly, With over 4000 Bike Bracket installations we have yet to receive a call mentioning ease of use issues. Our guys talk to each Bike user, Set the bike bracket height to their custom needs to ease the use of our wall mounted bike brackets. Gales (est. 1938) provides free on-site space saving layouts to max your space. Each bike can be stored just 12 inches apart. Back with our Lifetime Warranty, Your Bike Room becomes maintenance free.

Gales Industrial Supply
Gales Bike Room Solutions, Free Layout Assistance to help you create your
Space efficient Bike Room, Need info on How to install bike brackets to wall
permanantly? Let us know we will help you free.
Video How to put your bike on Wall Mount Bike Brackets